In 1969, Ginger sold her Beverly Hills home (which she had lived in for 34 years) and made a permanent move to her Rogers Rogue River Ranch.

Ginger the wonder woman
While Ginger is best remembered for her stage and screen performances, she was also an accomplished artist. She was both a talented painter and sculptor and could have excelled in either had she more free time. She was offered a "one woman show" in New York, but declined indefinitely until she had more pieces to put on exhibit. An avid athlete as well, Ginger enjoyed golf, swimming, skeet shooting and tennis. She won several tennis cups and earned some high-score card records at skeet.

In the early 1970s, Ginger became the spokeswoman for JC Penney, designing a line of lingerie for them as well. Traveling thousands of miles across the United States, she delighted fans of all ages with her charm. A few years later, she took a very successful nightclub act to New York's Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas, Sydney, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, San Francisco and a number of other cities in between.

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