Worldwide revere
Ginger replaced Carol Channing for the starring role in the fizzling 1965 Broadway play Hello! Dolly. Ginger brought the play back to life, increasing ticket sales and thrilling the producers. She performed to packed houses, standing ovations and an 18-month run, as well as on tour with the national company. In addition, she took Mame to London for a successful 14-month engagement, which included not only a command performance for Queen Elizabeth, but a presentation to the Queen as well.

Ginger made guest appearances on a variety of TV shows. In addition to having her own special, she has appeared with Perry Como, Bob Hope, Pat Boone, Steve Allen, Merv Griffin, Dean Martin and Lucille Ball. Though not often credited, Ginger helped Lucille Ball overcome being camera-shy, a trait that almost forced the studio to give up on her. Ginger was also a guest on nearly every TV talk show, including The Tonight Show and Mike Douglas. In 1973, she traveled more than 60,000 miles throughout the United States, South America, Italy, England, Lebanon and Greece, and served as a judge in the Miss Universe Pageant.

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